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Nathan Keck attended the North Bennet Street School where he trained under the talented Roman Barnas and graduated in 2018 with his instrument being critiqued by Sam Zygmuntovwicz. In 2019 he won a sound award at the Kaminski competition in Poland before beginning an internship at Reuning and Sons Violins in Boston, MA. Under the guidance of respected restorers Christian Schabbon, Chris Edel, Gen Sato, Charline DeQuincey and the expert eyes of Chris Reuning, Nathan learned the art of restoration along with the techniques necessary to successfully achieve lasting results. 


Sound Award Performance

about The Luthier

Nathan spent his childhood in the Detroit/ Ann Arbor area and moved to Ohio where he met his wife Sarah Rudawsky. They moved to Boston in 2015 and Nathan has been making instruments and learning new skills in his trade ever since.

Why I Make and Restore

From the moment I made my first instrument I knew I wanted to provide more instruments to musicians at an affordable price. I take pride in being able to offer up and coming musicians an instrument that they are able to grow with. Nothing is a bigger compliment than when an artist gets lost in the music, because the instrument is inspiring them. Being able to bring an instrument "back to life" is also very rewarding, whether it be an old family heirloom or something valuable that needs extensive work. I aim to give instruments as long a life as possible while preserving its original components.


Nathan Keck